Chula Clicker App works primarily with MS. PowerPoint. With the installation of PowerPoint add ins, presenter can create interactive Clicker class directly from PowerPoint presentation. Recent version of Chula Clicker supports Clicker Web Console.

However, this page is designed to mimic the function of a PowerPoint slide to demonstrate the functionality of Chula Clicker. It only supports basic function of Clicker PowerPoint add ins. Advances functions, such as Excel exporter, are not available with this web demonstation. Hopefully, you will understand the capability of Chula Clicker.

Before trying this demo page, please first download either Chula Clicker for iPhone of Chula Clicker for Android  from our download page.  (Alternatively, you can use our web client to see the demonstration )

Once you have the clicker, please join course with identification number 00000000)
( For older version ,Use demo for username and jamjuri for password ).

Once ready, you may now go to Clicker Web Console and enjoy Chula Clicker.

Question Types

There are (at least) 3 question types supported by Chula Clicker.

Text/Number QuestionQX0002
In this type of question, an instructor may ask for any short text answer. There is a support for numeric answer where only number is allowed.






QX0001Multiple Choice Question
In this type of question, an instructor will provide  choices. ChulaClicker supports unlimited number of choices.






QX0003Touch Selection
In this type of question, an instructor will an inline text. A student must touch on a text to answer.








There are two type of charts supported: bar chart and pie chart.



There exist a summary report that can be used as a grade sheet.